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A great-tasting, all natural sweetener loaded with nature’s goodness.

Throughout the ages, honey has been recognized as a premium natural food – a storehouse of energy that is easily digestible. This great-tasting, all natural sweetener is loaded with nature’s goodness.

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Product Description

  • 100% Natural
  • Provides quick energy
  • Natural sweetener, easily digested.

Bees make honey by traveling from flower to flower, removing the rich nectar. The nectar is temporarily stored in their bodies, where it mixes with their enzymes before being deposited into beehives. Throughout the ages, honey has been recognized as a premium natural food – a storehouse of energy that is easily digestible. This great-tasting, all natural sweetener is loaded with nature’s goodness. Easy to digest, Forever Bee Honey® is a quick and natural energy source for any occasion!


Bees make honey by traveling from flower to flower, removing the rich nectar, storing it briefly to mix with their enzymes, and then depositing the honey in their hives. Throughout the ages, honey has been recognized as a premium natural food – a storehouse of nutritional goodness and easily digestible.

Honey contains many ingredients needed to maintain good health, including 78% sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose), and other minerals, vitamins, enzymes, proteins and amino acids.

Forever Bee Honey contains only natural ingredients. This great-tasting, nutritious sweetener is loaded with nature’s goodness, containing approximately 70 calories per tablespoon. Easy to digest and rich in carbohydrates and the minerals calcium and phosphorus, Forever Bee Honey is a quick and nutritious energy source for any occasion!

• Tinted, easy-pour container prevents loss of any valuable nutrients caused by the sunlight.
• Rich in carbohydrates. Also contains the minerals calcium and phosphorus.
• Natural sweetener, easily digested.


Add to your favorite tea or other beverage or use with your favorite recipe for a burst of natural sweetness!

Nature’s energy booster
Forever Bee Honey is a great source to provide instant energy and power to our body. Simply said, honey is a ‘pick me up’ drink or instant energy booster.

Great immunity builder
Forever Bee Honey has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help protect us from diseases and illnesses.

Aids in digestion
Forever Bee Honey contains simple sugars, minerals, vitamins (A, B complexes, C, K and others) and numerous enzymes (invertase, diatases, lipase, glucose oxidase, phosphatase)that aid in the digestion and metabolism processes.

Rich in enzymes
One of the highest amongst food. Enzymes are essential for facilitating absorption of food, rebuilding of body, cellular health and other biological processes. Catalase, one of the enzymes found in honey, also helps to break up hydrogen peroxide, a type of free radical that can threaten body cells.

Healthy replacement for white sugar

Forever Bee Honey tastes 25% sweeter than sugar, hence for the same level of sweetness, the amount required and the calorie intake is much lower, making it an excellent healthy replacement for white sugar as sweetener.


Pure Honey.


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Honey: honey is a by-product of bees concentrating plant nectars. It is mainly food for bees, bears and humans. The characteristic flowery taste of raw honey comes from the pollen it contains. Honey’s ability to heal wounds and treat infections is quite notable. It also is known for its antioxidant, antibiotic and antiviral capabilities.

Honey is 18 to 20 percent water and is comprised of glucose and fructose; vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, K and beta-carotene, as well as minerals and enzymes. Raw, unprocessed honey has the most medicinal and nutritional value.

In a study of 104 patients with first-degree burns, researchers in Maharashtra, India, compared honey’s effectiveness to gauze soaked in silver sulfadiazine (SS), the conventional treatment. After seven days, 91 percent of honey-treated burns were infection-free compared with 7 percent of those treated with SS. After 15 days, 87 percent of honey-treated burns were healed compared with 10 percent of the SS-treated burns. The raw wildflower honey formed a flexible protective barrier which prevented infection, absorbed pus, and reduced pain, irritation and odor.5

Researchers in Sanaa, Yemen, treated 50 patients with wound infections following cesarean section or hysterectomy twice daily with either raw wildflower honey or a standard antiseptic solution of alcohol and iodine (AI). The 26 treated with honey were infection-free after six days compared with 15 days for the 24 treated with AI. Furthermore, 84 percent of honey patients healed cleanly compared with 50 percent of AI patients. Honey treatment reduced the average postoperative scar width by nearly two-thirds, and hospitalization duration by half.

Four mechanisms are proposed for honey’s healing properties:

·        Honey is mostly glucose and fructose. These sugars are strongly attracted to water, forming a viscous syrup. When spread on a wound, honey absorbs water and body fluids, thus drying out bacteria and fungi and inhibiting their growth.

·        Raw honey contains glucose oxidase, an enzyme that, in the presence of a little water, produces hydrogen peroxide, a mild antiseptic. Glucose oxidase is destroyed by bright light, heat and pasteurization, so it is absent from most commercial honeys.

·        Raw honey contains bee pollen, enzymes and propolis, all of which can stimulate new tissuegrowth.

·        Honey can contain additional medicinal compounds, including essential oils, flavonoids, terpenes and polyphenols, depending on the plant from which the pollen was taken.7

In a laboratory study of 345 unpasteurized honey samples, the majority exhibited antibacterial action against Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause food poisoning. When honey’s natural hydrogen peroxide effects were removed, only honey from Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) and Viper’s bugloss (Echium vulgare) were still active.8 New Zealand’s dark, aromatic Manuka honey also inhibited Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that can cause ulcers.9 In general, stronger, darker honeys, such as buckwheat, sagebrush and tupelo, have greater antimicrobial and antioxidant activity–enough to act as food preservatives.


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